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Drip Marketing!

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Drip Marketing!


Drip Marketing Key Tool

  • Ni Ni Nay Lwin (Assistant Vice President - Ops)
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  • Jul 15, 2023

You're depriving your company of a key tool to 10x conversions & increase sales.
Keeping up with marketing trends & engagement technology is hard for me too But this is a Game Changer 

Drip marketing is a pre-programmed set of messages to be delivered over time but the newest drips are designed to react to interaction or no interaction from customers:


Check how drips triple collections for companies that used to send only emails:

Drip starts by sending a personalized Email

If the email is read and payment is done, a thank you SMS is triggered

check for customer experience

Here’s where it gets interesting
 If the email is not read after say 1 hour, then the Drip places an automated Call
 The personalized call announces how critical it is to get caught up with payments and allows for a Press or Say 1 to pay through one of our live agents
Picture the impact of drips in:


 Lead Generations

Customer Support

Marketing Surveys

Financial Areas


Drip campaigns
 Save money by doing in 1 hour what 5 people do in a week
 Improve customer experience
 Maximize conversions means more sales


Trust | Transparency  | Teamwork

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