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We are committed to the highest standards of excellence across all aspects of our business.

Contact centre Technology

What can we do for you

To strengthen customer service processes and meet customer’s needs; reliable, resilient infrastructure coupled with a cloud-based multichannel software platform is desired. We can integrate to a customer's platform or we can deliver service using a cloud-based multichannel contact centre provided by our technology partners.

We have experience in handling various Contact centre technologies.

  • Dialer
  • CTI
  • IVR
  • ACD



Dialer allow your staff to focus on what really matters: the person on the other end. We help most companies quickly graduate from manual dialing to:
Preview dialers
Power dialers
Predictive dialers and Progressive Dialers


The phones won’t stop ringing but having a meaningful conversation results in happy customers. We help agents to convert interactions into opportunities, be more productive and reach solutions quicker.
We allow 100% customer conversation continuity irrespective of agent and department they are speaking to.


Today organizations need more than an automated voice to connect with their customer : consistent and seamless experience touch points. We help streamline customer service and business communication thus making your calls professional and standardizing customer experience.


Your callers get access to qualified agents who can assist them quickly. We help you address customer needs more efficiently by minimizing time spent on the phone for both caller and agent.

Application AND Tools

Application And Tools

Access to the right information about end-customers helps to serve them better. In addition, employees productivity increases with the usage of tools and applications. Our applications and tools helps us to serve customers better.

  • Knowledge Bank
  • Work Force Management
  • Quality Management
  • Document Management
  • United Agent Desktop
  • CRM Application
  • Mobile Application


Knowledge Bank

We help optimize information collection and retrieval for an organization and allow customers and agents access to dynamic information.
We have deployed Knowledge Bank for most of our clients, which is used for creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information on products and services of our clients.

Work Force Management

By giving agents the tools they need to increase the number of leads contacted each day, you already win half the battle. Our endeavour is to take the WFM tools to leverage existing workforce and maximize productivity during agents billable hours.

Quality Management

We ensure fairness, transparency and accuracy in Quality Management deliverables while utilizing automation to keep costs optimized and maintain SLA & CSAT criteria. The RCA and VOC capture translates customer feedback into effective gap elimination / error mitigating measures.

Document Management

With fast access to the right information through Document Management system (DMS) that results in improved information management, our agents demonstrate an understanding of customers. .

United Agent Desktop

Your existing applications are interwoven into new customer friendly processes and enabled by tools that empower your agents.
We help organizations to reduce training time and costs by up to 50%, all with an intuitive interface and a quick set-up

CRM Application

We help organizations realign their strategy around their customers. We enable organizations to identify their most valuable customers and understand their lifetime values
We have deployed CRM system for our clients that manages their customers, partners and prospects information all in one place.

Mobile Application

We help organizations offer its customers a variety of choices on how they can communicate and simplify the communication process.
We have deployed mobile apps for our clients that run on a mobile device such as a phone/tablet or watch. Users can download the app and manage their company accounts through the application.

Omni Channel Customer Experience

Omni Channel Customer Experience

Understand what customers want to do, design personal and memorable customer experiences and use that knowledge to offer seamless customer service, irrespective of channel or device.

We help create continuity across customer journey with real-time, contextual insights over any channel and help achieve cost savings with increased productivity and higher first contact resolution.

  • Non Voice Channels

    We offer your customers choice and convenience. We help you setup and run non voice channel customer services - be it chat, social media, messaging, mobile or email while maintaining a high quality of customer service across these channels.
    We support our clients to setup and run other non voice channel customer services be it email, chat, instant messaging or social media depending on what is considered prime by your customers as means of communication.

  • Dynamic IVR

    We are enabling businesses to deliver truly personalized experiences by intelligently and dynamically routing calls with the IVR.

  • Instant Messaging

    Our agents use chat technology to communicate instantaneously both externally an+S25d internally through proactive chat, reactive chat, internal instant messaging, collaborative browsing, click-to-talk and customer service chat.
    We have Instant messaging CRM tools that allow our agents to serve customers interactively through WhatsApp, FaceBook Messenger or Viber.

  • Live Chat

    Customers expect quick responses to simple questions and 24/7 support. Our Technology platform is enabled with BOT capabilities with multi-channel integrations that can handle initial interaction with customers.
    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine learning our chatbots tackle general communications tasks leaving more time for our agents to truly deliver exceptional service to their customers for high-touch interactions.